Walker attachments are uniquely designed to add value to your Walker investment.  Each attachment helps keep your Walker active throughout the year and adds overall production value to your investment.

A10 - Dethatcher
A10 - Single-Stage Snowblower
Single-Stage Snowblower
A13 - Operator Soft Cab
Operator Soft Cab
A15 - Blade Edger
Blade Edger
A16 - Boom Sprayer
Boom Sprayer
A30 - ROPS Kit
A32 - 48" Dozer Blade
48" Dozer Blade


Seasonal implements for the Walker Mower make it easy to use your Walker all year long.  Implements are attached using Walker's custom implement mount hitches.

H10 - Implement Hitch Mount
Implement Hitch Mount
H11 - 46" Dozer Blade
46" Dozer Blade
H12 - 42" Two-Stage Snowblower
42" Two-Stage Snowblower
H13 - 47" Rotary Broom
47" Rotary Broom
H14 - Debris Blower
Debris Blower
H18 - Loader Bucket
Loader Bucket
H19 - H-series: Implement Hitch Mount
H-series: Implement Hitch Mount
H19 - H-series: 60" Dozer Blade
60" Dozer
H17 - H-series: 50" Two-Stage Snowblower
H-series: 50" Two-Stage Snowblower
H20 - H-series: 60" Rotary Broom
60" Rotary


A variety of options are available to add comfort, versatility and improve the overall performance of the Walker. Maximize your productivity investment when using Walker options.

P13 - Comfort Seat
Comfort Seat
P14 - Suspension Seat
Suspension Seat
P22 - Arm Rests
Arm Rests
P23 - Headlights
P24 - Instrument Panel Cover
Instrument Panel Cover
P31 - Curb Jumper
Curb Jumper
P25 - Break Away Blades
Break Away Blades
P32 - Mechanical Deck Lift
Manual Deck Lift
P34 - Power Deck Lift
Power Deck Lift
P15 - Narrow Drive Tires
Narrow Drive Tires
P16 - Wide Drive Tires
Wide Drive
P20 - Low Profile Tires
Low Profile
P18 - All Terrain Tires
All Terrain Tires
P19 - All Trail Tires
All Trail Tires
P26 - Tire Chains
Tire Chains
P33 - Foam Deck Tires
Foam Deck Tires
P17 - Single Wide Tail Wheel
Single Wide
Tail Wheel
P28 - Spread Axle Tail Wheels
Spread Axle
Tail Wheels
P10 - Hi-Dump Kit
Hi-Dump® Kit
P29 - No-Catch Deflector
No-Catch Deflector
P12 - Power Dump Kit
Power Dump Kit
P36 - GHS Blower Lockout
GHS Blower Lockout
P37 - GHS Large Hole Screen
GHS Large Hole Screen
P35 - Catcher Bins
Catcher Bins
P21 - Tail Weight
Tail Weight
P27 - Tail Wheel Lock
Tail Wheel Lock