Original Design

Walker Mowers are built to mow landscaped properties efficiently while leaving a gentle footprint and beautifully cut turf behind.

Original Design Video

Beautiful Cut

Among zero-turn mowers, the Walker out front deck is one-of-a-kind because the deck is truly independent of the tractor. With true deck suspension, it floats and flexes over the turf and easily follows ground contours. The result? Less scalping and a clean, manicured finish.

Beautiful Cut Video


The Walker is on the job, getting work done through summer, fall, winter and spring. Walker Mowers can be adapted in just minutes to multiple grounds maintenance uses with front mounted attachments and implements.

Versatile Video


It is an unavoidable fact that commercial lawn mowing equipment needs routine maintenance like blade sharpening, oil and belt changes. The fact that the Walker Mower provides quick, easy access to these serviceable parts is by design, not by accident.

Accessible Video


The compact Walker fits in places most other commercial mowers can't, quickly maneuvering into each nook and cranny to finish the job in one pass.

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Each Walker model has been built from the inside out to achieve a balance of durability and performance.

Reliable Video

Grass Handling

One look at the Walker Grass Handling System, and it's easy to see that handling grass is at the heart of this design and not an afterthought. The integrated grass handling system lends itself nicely to the compact design of the Walker with no bulky hoses or tubes sticking out.

Grass Handling Video

Out Front

The Walker combines improved features such as machine balance, precise steering, true floating decks, unmatched trimming capability and a variety of attachments to help operators meet each job with confidence.

Out Front Video